ChainBeam - Motorised Heavy Duty Track System for Theatre Curtains & Scenery


ChainBeam is an aluminium extruded black anodised track section. The external dimensions are 50mm wide x 100mm high which is identical to the existing UniTrack and UniBeam Triple E systems. ChainBeam forms the third track that shares running components as part of a solutions package. UniTrack is for demountable, semi-permanent and rental installations whereas UniBeam is for permanent installations with the added advantage that it will carry heavier loads. It can also be used a a suspension bar in its own right. ChainBeam adds the ability to motorise the load whether it be heavy curtains or large scenic items with Duplex chain integrated into a guide channel in the bottom web of the track.


The top web of ChainBeam is identical to UniBeam and is designed to accept standard channel nuts for attaching suspension fittings, drive components and joint bars. The lower slot designed for a UHMW guide for two side by side 3/8" Duplex chains. One chain is for the drive side and the other for the return side. At one end of the track a motor can be mounted either above or below the track and drives a duplex drive sprocket with a pair of idler guides. The opposite end has a chain tensioning device that consists of a large diameter Duplex chain sprocket and a pair of idler guides. By rotating a central bolt the chain tension can be adjusted.

The ChainBeam master carrier is fitted with a laser profiled drive comb that is inserted through the side of the carrier and engages with the chain. It is retained by a pair of 8mm bolts allowing the drive to be easily disengaged during commissioning so that the chain can be bedded in and tensioned prior to the load being applied. Scenic items that require several carriers to support them can also have drive combs fitted to spread the pulling force along the chain. With this drive arrangement the chain is only being used to pull the load, the weight is carried by the track extrusion. ChainBeam can be curved to a minimum radius of 2m dependent on overall track length and the load being carried. A major advantage of ChainBeam is that the UHMW chain guide can be rolled with the extrusion so no additional parts are required to guide the chain on installations with curves.

ChainBeam installations can be fitted with either incremental or absolute encoders. Limit switches can also be either direct struck and/or belt driven from the gearbox output depending on the control specification. Because chain is a non-slip drive system accuracy and reliability is easily maintained.

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Typical Chainbeam motor drive
Typical Chainbeam motor drive

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