New Wireless TracDrive Controller Launches

UK – Motorised systems specialist Triple E has launched a new wireless control for its popular TracDrive motor systems.

Triple E – which has a 30-year history of inventing engineering solutions for the entertainment industry – has already put the system in production prior to its debut appearance at PLASA Focus in Leeds at the end of April. The system is a simple plug and play unit that attaches to the XLR socket on all TracDrive, Edrive, and SDrive motors.

Triple E’s motor units all use pre-stretched polyester rope with a grade and colour coded braid made only for Triple E. The rope offers near silent operation and is more user friendly than steel wire rope.

“Many venues require additional control positions or even the ability to operate anywhere in a building or auditorium so the simple ‘plug and play’ wireless system with a hand held pocket size remote is the answer,” says Triple E’s Managing Director David Edelstein. “It saves time and money on routing cables and literally takes a couple of minutes to connect and set up.”

The TracDrive range was launched 20 years ago and was designed to directly attach to the track as a bolt-on accessory, providing Triple E’s solution to the problem of where to locate the motor drive unit. All the TracDrive units provide variable speed and the modular design of the units makes it ideal where space is at a premium and specialist skills are not required for installation.

The Triple E team will be exhibiting the new wireless TracDrive controller at this year’s PLASA Focus at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, 30 April and 1 May.

Posted on 26th Mar 2013


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