Triple E to launch runner at ABTT Show 2012

UK - Triple E will launch its redesigned and refined TRA06 theatre curtain runner at the ABTT 2012 Show this week.

Triple E - respected for the kind of engineering expertise that enables inspired and dynamic scenic design - has released its upgraded TRA06, which works seamlessly with older versions of the product and with the company's industry standard Unibeam and Unitrack systems. It comes in two or four-wheeled (for curved tracks) versions and is built to carry a curtain or scenic cloth to a safe working load of 25Kg.

The latest version of the TRA06 features flanged ball-raced wheels, with Polyurethane tyres, fastened to a moulded 'U' shaped body. The body is manufactured from a tough, metal replacement, Polymer. A welcome design modification is that the curtain attachment now features a rotating swivel, which ensures that the curtain stacks more evenly..

Triple E managing director David Edelstein elaborates, "A major benefit of the new design is that it features an over-moulded rubber buffer on the connecting surfaces of the carrier. The rubber forms an extremely stable contact area, which prevents knocking when the carriers meet in the stacking area. The new design also stops the rubber from compressing when carrying heavy curtains. The TRA06 can also be fitted with a rearfold accessory, which ensures the curtain stacks offstage rather than gathering from the front as they travel.

"This new product is part of Triple E's ongoing commitment to continuous research and development of everything we manufacture," says Edelstein. "It's our mission to ensure that all of our products - even our industry standard 'classics' - are the very best they can be and that they provide the best possible experience for the end user."

Posted on 12th Jun 2012


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