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UniCyc is constructed from four identical square aluminium tubes spaced apart by a H-section extrusion. These components are held together using M6 screws that lock into continuous threaded slots in the track tubes. The system can be purchased either fully assembled or as a kit that can be assembled with a cordless driver. The system is available in lengths of up to 6m. Curved sections are also available with a minimum radius of 1m.

The track has been developed with the specific needs of a T.V. studio installation in mind.

Dropout sections, side stretch beams and floor tracks are all available with this system.


UniCyc is constructed from four identical aluminium extrusions joined together by a further H-section extrusion. The four extruded rails incorporate an open slot with an extruded thread to engage with the fasteners which locate the H-extruded track clip enabling the clips to be spaced according to the load being carried at that point in the track run. This is a valuable feature in TV studios where the cyclorama cloth is parked in a bunch and can impose a maximum load over the shortest distance. Sections of track are joined together using four steel spigots and setscrew fasteners. UniCyc comes in a natural aluminium finish unpainted.

UniCyc can be ordered and delivered in kit form for customer assembly with straight sections available in lengths of up to 6m. A box containing H-clips, spigots and fasteners enabling rapid assembly on site is also provided.

The arrangement of the four extruded rails mimics the spacing of UniTrack rails and therefore all the suspension fittings designed for with UniTrack can be used with UniCyc.

The UniCyc points system is a requirement in TV studios where twin or triple cyclorama tracks are used. This is the only points system for curtain tracks available as an off-the-shelf product and is provided in both 'Y' and 'crossover' types. They have also been designed to have the smallest number of moving parts to ensure reliability and ease of maintenance. Both manual and electric operation are available options. The standard track centres for this system is 150mm.

If the track upright clip clashes with a suspension point, all you need to do is slacken the clip fasteners and slide it out of the way before re-tightening. A damaged track section can be simply removed and a new extrusion fitted using the same process.

The runners for UniCyc are twin wheeled and can therefore be inserted or removed anywhere along the track run, a useful feature for long track runs.


The following test data for recommended Safe Working Loadings for the UniCyc track has been included for our customers use and information and the ratings should not be exceeded without reference to our sales department where guidance and advice will be available.

UniCyc suspended at 1m Centres - 100Kgf. (UDL) per metre

UniCyc suspended at 2m Centres - 50Kgf. (UDL) per metre

UniCyc suspended at 3m Centres - 20Kgf. (UDL) per metre

UniCyc weighs 2.94Kg per metre

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UniCyc Track and Runner
UniCyc Track and Runner

Typical TV Studio installation
Typical TV Studio installation

Curved UniCyc perimeter tracks
Curved UniCyc perimeter tracks

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Image ID Name
Straight track sections are supplied in any length up to a maximum of 6m and comprise of 4 -square Aluminium extrusions as track channels with their open slots positioned outwards and having a continuous 6mm extruded thread. Unicyc track has a continuous 12.5mm slot at the top which enables any of the standard 'Unitrack' suspension fittings to be utilised. The track channels are located and positioned by track uprights formed from an 'H' section Aluminium extrusion 60mm wide x 100m high x 20mm wide. These locate the top track channels above the cross piece onto horizontal lugs on the inner surfaces of the vertical arms of the 'H' and the lower track channels similarly at the bottom of the arms. Track uprights are normally positioned at 500mm centres along the track section. The overall width of the assembled track section is 79mm and the finish of all components is in natural Aluminium (Silver).CYC01CYC01 STRAIGHT TRACK per metre
The CYC01C curved track lengths can be rolled and assembled to any radius (minimum 1m(3'3")). The maximum length for a curved Unicyc section is 5.5m (18'). These curves are made to order.CYC01CCYC01C UNICYC CURVED TRACK PER METRE
Unicyc track section with a 1m (3'3") radius (measured from the centre line) x 90 degree right angled curve. Construction is the same as CYC01.CYC01C1000-90CYC01C1000-90 CURVED TRACK PER METRE 1000*90
Unicyc track section with a 1.5m (5 foot) radius (measured from the centre line) x 90 degree right angled curve. Construction is the same as CYC01.CYC01C1500-90CYC01C1500-90 CURVED TRACK PER METRE 1500*90
Unicyc track section with a 2m (6'6") radius (measured from the centre line) x 90 degree right angled curve. Construction is the same as CYC01.CYC01C2000-90CYC01C2000-90 CURVED TRACK PER METRE 2000*90
Unicyc track section with a 3m(10Feet) radius (measured from the centre line) x 90 degree right angled curve. Construction is the same as CYC01. The 3m radius curve is supplied in 2 x 45 degree sections with a joint set.CYC01C3000-90CYC01C3000-90 CURVED TRACK PER METRE 3000*90
This item comprises of four steel joint strips (10mm x 4mm x 150mm)with four M6 Allen grub screws.
The joint strips are designed to be an interference fit into the ends of the track channel and are secured in place by the M6 grub screws.CYC05CYC05 JOINT SET
This component comprises a of moulded body and two nylon 12mm wide wheels. The body is 32mm wide x 10mm thick x 87 high with a 20mm diameter hole at the lower end to accept the fastener on the top of the cyc cloth. The bottom of the hole in the runner is 31mm below the underside of the track rails.CYC06CYC06 STANDARD RUNNER
The CYC150 points system assembly is a compact unit designed to accommodate a twin track run at 150mm centres. The assembly bolts to the top rails using four M12 bolts through the top slots and locates into the ends of the inner lower track rails in a similar manner to the standard track joints. Operation is via a manually operated over centre lever. A 100mm diameter pulley is mounted on the top of the assembly around which a 3mm diameter steel wire rope is reeved. This in turn is fastened to thread adjusters connected to operating arms fixed to the flippers below. The pulley must be mounted on the outside of the twin track to run away from the wall. The steel wire rope is diverted down to a wall-mounted latch, which should be in the 'up' position when the system is threaded. The overall dimensions of the cyclorama points unit are 360mm long x 220mm wide x 125mm high. The finish is natural Aluminium (Silver).CYC150CYC150 CHANGEOVER POINTS SYSTEM
The CYC24 endstop assembly (Black) comprises of laser profiled sections welded together with 2 rubber sleeves to prevent noise when the carriers are stacked. The endstop assembly also provides an anchorage point for the trailing edges of curtains and is fastened using an M8 Bolt.CYC24CYC24 ENDSTOP
CYC26 Spacer bar for connecting and keeping parallel UNICYC tracks at 150mm centres. The bracket also has a central hole for suspension fittings when required.CYC26CYC26 150mm SPACER SUSPENSION BRACKET
A special carrier attached to the leading edges of a cyclorama cloth incorporating a 'pole cup' lock enabling the carrier to be 'locked' onto the cyclorama track. Two pairs of ball-raced carrier wheels are bolted to the upper part of the profiled body. Operation of the clamping action is by a long pole with a fork end. This engages with a horizontal pin within the cup rotating the cup screws and clamping disc against the underside of the track rails.
<p>The TRA13 girder clamp provides a suspension point from the flanges of an &#39;I&#39; beam track. It comprises of a length of Unistrut and two square &#39;U&#39; bolts each attached to cranked rectangular clamp plates. Any flange width or thickness from a rolled steel joist beam can be accommodated. The suspension is achieved using a TRA 18 Studding Set. Safe Working Load data for this product is available on request.</p>
<p>The TRA14 Hook Clamp is designed for attaching Unitrack to tube or truss ranging in diameters from 48mm to 51mm. A heavy-duty construction made from a number of machined Aluminium extrusions gives this component a safe working load of 200kg.</p>
The TRA15 is used to suspend track sections by rope cordage or wire rope. It comprises of a forged fitting and threaded M12 bush with a solid tubular loop springing from the top outer edges of the bush. It has a test rating of 150Kg Safe Working Load.TRA15TRA15 DEADLINE FIXING
The TRA16 Wall Bracket is used to attach a track to a wall or vertical surface. It comprises of a 'L' shaped bracket formed from a flat steel plate and two laser profiled side arms. The side arms are spaced 13mm apart to allow studding or threaded rod to attach into the top channel for any of our track systems. This component has been tested to a 100Kg Safe Working Load at a reach of 200mm.
150mm x M12 studding supplied with four nuts and washers. Longer lengths of studding are available on request. This component can be used with our TRA13 Girder Clamp and TRA16 Wall Bracket Set.


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